But…I don’t want to get up! **How I stay on track**

I always preach planning and preparation as key to success when it comes to dropping the lbs.  Breakfast is the most challenging for me…simply because I love my sleep and when I do get out of bed…there’s not a moment to spare!  I have to shower, wake my child, prep her breakfast, get dressed and dolled up myself and make sure she hasn’t put on her clothes backwards or inside out.  Who has time to freakin cook???

As i’m monitoring my 4 yr old putting on her shoes (on the right foot might I add)…i’m grabbing my purse, my work bag, my gym bag, Kayla’s book bag and my coffee mug.  Thank goodness 2 seconds before that…I have thrown my lunch and breakfast into my work bag!

Oh yes…i’m extremely lucky…I can eat my breakfast at the office.  Even if you can’t…this is an easy way to stay on track.  COOK THE NIGHT BEFORE!  Yes…your eggs (i’m assuming this works best with scrambled eggs, lol).  In the off season…I would even cook my turkey bacon the night before.  Not only do I cook it the night before, but I cook 2 batches so I don’t have to crack eggs every stinkin’ night!!

Simple, easy…and the way I stay on track.

My daily egg intake is 1 egg, 4 egg whites…so here i’ve used 10 eggs (2 eggs, 8 whites).  Scramble…divide into 2 batches and put in containers.  Reheat in the morning.

2 thoughts on “But…I don’t want to get up! **How I stay on track**

  1. Awesome idea- Im traveling to Radford to see my daighter this weekend and preparing my meals ( to include my egg white and oatmeal patties ready to nuke in the hotel and all my meals- thanks for the reminder to start that ball rolling today! Now I just have to deal with my nagging mother- WHY DO YOU DO THIS! UUGGHH

    1. Lol…I understand! My 4 year old constantly reminds me that my eggs stink. So do my co-workers. Hahahaha oh well! Have a great trip girl! See u next wkend 🙂

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