Mediterranean inspired pizza. MY WAY! Fork and knife worthy!!

It’s my way.  It’s quick and easy and it’s topped with what I like!  Oh…and of course healthy 😉

So many ways to make this (i’ll give you alternative ingredients)… but here’s what I did today and O.M.Goodness…it was divine to the Nth degree!


  • Boboli whole wheat pizza crust
  • Perdue cooked chicken (I was going to grill…but it was raining and well…i’m not a guy, so i’m not going outside to grill)
  • pizza sauce
  • pesto (or fresh basil or spinich!!)
  • sundried tomatoes (or roasted red peppers or sliced plum tomatoes)
  • quartered artichoke hearts
  • kalamata olives – sliced
  • low fat feta (crumbled if you can find it)
  • baby portabello mushrooms- washed (or any kind you like)
  • red onion- diced (missing from picture b/c I forgot until the last minute)

Preheat oven 375F

Place your boboli on pizza stone.  Spread pesto.  Spread pizza sauce.

Chop up your chicken and spread.  Add all other ingredients…laying feta last (simply because it makes it look sooo yummy!)

Cook for roughly 20 minutes.  Depending on your toppings, you will want to watch it.  My sundried tomatoes wanted to char a bit…so I initially had the heat at 425 per boboli instructions, but then took it down to 375 to make sure I didn’t burn anything.

While my pizza was cooking…I went ahead and sauteed the rest of my portabello mushrooms and threw in some red onion and cracked pepper.  I’ll add it to my omelet tomorrow morning!!  See how you can think ahead and really get a jump on your delish meals??

Anyways… 20 minutes later and well hellooooooo pizza!  Couldn’t eat it any other way than with a fork and knife!  So many flavors!!!

**These toppings were so good…I could’ve eaten them on top of a bed of romaine as a salad and ditched the boboli!!**

**I don’t like to over cook my toppings.  If you like a more “melted together” pizza…lower your heat and cook it longer so that the mushrooms and onions get a chance to really heat up**

**Quick tip for you single peeps…you can eat a couple slices and freeze the rest for later in the week or month if you wish!**

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