Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breasts

This was actually super easy!!  I cooked these in a skillet, but if you’re careful not to lose the stuffing…you could easily grill this for even more flavor!


  • 3 chicken breasts
  • 1/2 cup of roasted red peppers (you could roast your own…but I just didn’t have time…plus these were already in the fridge)
  • approx 12 kalamata olives
  • low fat feta
  • pesto


To make filling, rough chop your roasted red peppers and olives and place in bowl.  Also in bowl, crumble your feta.  I never tell you how much feta to use since it depends on your taste.  Remember…low fat feta is full of flavor…and a bit salty.

Clean your chicken breasts, making sure to remove as much fat/skin as possible.  I also like to cut out those yucky tendons…as much as possible.  With a sharp knife and being careful…on the fat side, slice open your chicken breasts making a large pocket.  Be careful not to cut through the other side or else you won’t have a pocket anymore.

**Note:  Wash wash wash your hands after you touch chicken OR use food prep gloves**

Slather a light layer of pesto, then stuff with your filling.  I like to almost close my chicken breasts before I stick them in the skillet…just to prevent as much fall out as I can.  Spray a light layer of extra virgin olive oil in your pan (use a Misto if you have one or PAM works too).  Carefully lay your chicken in the skillet and lightly spray again.  Sprinkle with pepper if you like.

On medium heat, cover and cook your chicken breasts.  If they are cooking too fast, lower your heat.  Mine cooked in about 20 minutes.  I flipped them once to brown the top and they were done!!

**Note:  If you have chicken leftover (aka the trimmings) that are clean and fat free…lay them in another smaller skillet and place any remaining filling on top.  Cover and cook.   This would be good on top of a whole wheat pasta with a fresh tomato sauce.  (remember…just a small portion of pasta…like a 1/2 cup cooked which is roughly 25g carbs)

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