Egg Muffins! Lose the muffin top with my egg muffins ;-) lol

For my fitness enthusiasts…typically I would not eat ham during my on season diet…but this was in the fridge and I had to use it up.  Love me some ham and eggs!   This is easy, fairly quick and a SUPER QUICK WAY TO GET YOUR BREAKFAST IN  EVEN ON THE GO!  Shucks…not just breakfast…this could be one of your other meals too.


  • 12 eggs (3 whole eggs, 9 egg whites)
  • 1 large bag of Birdseye Steamfresh broccoli florets (my choice would have been to steam fresh broccoli, but time is short in my household…so frozen it is!)
  • Boneless Ham Steak  (this was a little over a 1/2 lb of ham steak)
  • pepper (optional)
  • PAM spray
  • Large Muffin Tin (makes 12 muffins)


Preheat oven to 350F.

In bowl, crack your eggs.  Use 3 whole eggs and then the whites of the other 9 eggs.  Beat eggs with a fork until well blended.  Set aside.

Follow directions for your steamable broccoli.  Mine took about 4 minutes in the microwave.  While they’re cooking, start working on your ham.  Cut the outer rim off.  I imagine that’s skin or what’s left of it.  Whatever it is…I don’t want it in my recipe. lol.  Dice your ham.  By now, broccoli is done.  Drain and rough chop (be careful …steam and water will be hot and so will broccoli).

Spray your muffin tins with PAM.  Very important so you can pop them out.

Evenly divide diced ham into muffin tins.  Evenly divide chopped broccoli into muffin tins.

Use a large ladle and ladle your eggs into each muffin tin.  I started with 3/4 ladle full…not knowing how much it would take…then had to go back and fill more…so I would say at least 1 large ladle per muffin.

Top with pepper if you wish.

Place on middle rack in oven and set timer for 20-25 minutes.  Mine took 25.   How do you know when it’s done?  They sort of separate from the edge of the tin and when you stick a knife in the center…it comes out clean.

Work a knife around the edge (be careful not to scratch your tins!) and pop them out. DONE!

I would eat 3 of these per meal…because I calculated each at approx. 12g of protein.  Depending on the amount of ham you use…this could be different.

**I have made egg muffins with low fat cheese.  I have also made egg muffins with low fat cheese and a potato hash**

**Ham is loaded with sodium…so be sure to drink a lot of water**

**If you have heart problems or high blood pressure, limit your consumption of ham or try this recipe with another protein.

DON’T FORGET…this is a great on the go meal!  Just heat up…hop in your car and eat with your hands!  I can’t make this any easier…unless you hire me to be your home chef and come make it for you!! 😉  Hmmmm??!!  Anyone wanna hire me?  Must pay extremely well, be flexible with hours and provide benefits…OH and major vacation time!  HA!

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