Salmon Burgers!

Low carb, simple and quick!!


  • 4 cans of pink salmon (boneless)
  • 2 slices of Ezekial bread
  • 4 eggs (use whites only) Picture only shows 3…I added another one during the process.
  • 1/4 onion


Finely dice your onion.  Place in bowl.

Slice 2 slices of bread into small pieces.  You can use the food processor if you wish, but it was simple just to cut it up.  My bread was in the refrigerator so it had some stiffness to it.  You can toast it and then slice if you wish.  Place in bowl.

Drain cans of salmon.  Place in bowl.

Separate 4 eggs and place whites in bowl.

Add some pepper or some seasoning if you wish.  Get your hands in there and blend it all up.

Drizzle some EVOO in a large skillet and put it on medium heat.

Form 5 patties.  If the patties are crumbly, just go slowly.  Once they start to cook, the egg binder will solidify them.

Cover and cook until they brown nicely on the bottom and carefully flip.  Use two spatulas if you have to.

Once done, plate and add some toppings.  I used a small tomato and some balsamic glaze.  Soooo good!

Each slice of Ezekial bread has 13 g of carbs.  26g of carbs divided by 5 patties in approx. 5 carbs per pattie!  Niiiiice!

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