Po Po Polenta!

I have been wanting to try polenta for the longest time…and there it was.  Staring at me from the aisles at Trader Joe’s. Polenta is cornmeal, or ground corn. It is a versatile ingredient that you can cook as a cereal for breakfast or as a side dish for lunch or dinner. Whole cornmeal is … More Po Po Polenta!

Veggie Soup

This is a “use what you like” kind of soup.  Or maybe even “use what you have in the fridge” as in my case here! LOL Ingredients: 3 vine ripened tomatoes a handful of asparagus spears green onion (3 are shown…but I used about 2 really since I didn’t cut all the way down) 2 … More Veggie Soup

Spinach Turkey Burgers! Popeye would be proud!!

Yes.  Popeye would be proud.  This burger was PACKED with spinach! **Cole Slaw will be blogged under it’s own post** Ingredients made enough for 7 burgers 🙂  There was a sale on the turkey.  lol Ingredients: 2 lbs Lean Ground Turkey Breast approx. 7 cups Spinach (you could also use frozen…but fresh is soooo much … More Spinach Turkey Burgers! Popeye would be proud!!