Veggie Soup

This is a “use what you like” kind of soup.  Or maybe even “use what you have in the fridge” as in my case here! LOL


  • 3 vine ripened tomatoes
  • a handful of asparagus spears
  • green onion (3 are shown…but I used about 2 really since I didn’t cut all the way down)
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 3 large garlic cloves
  • paprika (5 shakes of the container- SO technical I know!!)
  • chilli powder (another 5 shakes) 😉  Sorry…but this is what happens when I make it up along the way!!
  • salt, pepper (optional and to your liking)


Ingredients make 2 servings of this soup (or 1 very large bowl!)

Chop the tomatoes, prepare and cut up the asparagus spears, dice your green onion, celery stalks and garlic gloves.

Throw it all in a medium sauce pan.  Toss in your spices, a bit of salt and some pepper (I like a lot of pepper in mine to make it HOT)…and cook at medium/high heat until tomatoes have broken down and veggies are tender to your liking.  Couldn’t even begin to tell you how long this took as I was making 2 other dishes at the same time.  All I know is I looked at it, tasted it…and said it was done!

The 1st night I ate it as a straight soup with a side of chicken.

For lunch today…I shred my chicken and threw it in there.  YUM!!!

**If you like a thinner soup, you can thin it out with broth.  I like mine to be more like a stew consistency.  Just hearty that way!**

**Also remember…use veggies YOU like…and that way you’ll LOVE the soup** 🙂

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