Spinach Chicken Tortilla

I have to admit…I didn’t have anything planned to blog this week.  So here it is Thursday and I have thawed chicken that I HAVE to cook.  Luckily…I had a bag of spinach and 1/2 an onion in the fridge.  Here we goooooo!

We’re going to call this Spinach Chicken Tortilla 🙂  Takes 20 minutes for 2 servings (4 tortillas).


  • 2 nice large Chicken Breasts
  • Vidalia Onion (if onion isn’t to your liking…try crimini mushrooms!)
  • 1 bag of Spinach
  • 4 Corn Tortillas
  • Part Skim Mozzarella (or low fat feta!)
  • EVOO
  • Cracked Pepper
  • Salt and Pepper


Drizzle EVOO in large skillet.  Wash spinach and add to skillet.

Chop onion.  I used about 2 round slices of vidalia onion.  Use more or less depending on your palate.  Add to skillet.  Add cracked pepper and lightly salt if you wish.  Drizzle with alittle more EVOO, mix up, cover and cook on medium/high heat until wilted to your liking.

While that’s cooking, cut 2 chicken breasts into medallions.  Drizzle EVOO in medium to large skillet.  Add medallions, salt (optional) and black pepper, cover and cook over medium heat until cooked thoroughly.

For the corn tortillas, wet a paper towel (squeeze excess water out), place tortillas on paper towel and microwave per instructions.  I then also put my tortillas in the skillet and toasted them lightly.

Now plate.  Tortilla, spinach, chicken and lightly sprinkle with low fat cheese of choice.

**You can also top with a salsa or something tomato based if you wish**

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