Teach Them Young!

Teach them young!! We are playing a sorting game. Sort the protein, carbohydrates (including fruit) and vegetables. We didn’t have fat examples except the cheese so we put it with the protein stack. She’s a smart cookie 🙂 If you don’t have play food…give your child a food magazine…let them cut out the food images … More Teach Them Young!

Got leftover steak???

Had steak for dinner?  Have leftovers?  Among the MANY ways to use it in your breakfast…here’s one. **There’s also a steak omelet recipe on the blog somewhere too** Serves 1 (34g Protein, 27g Carbs, 7g Fat, 337 Calories) Ingredients: 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites 2 oz Top Sirloin Steak (or other lean cut like … More Got leftover steak???

Mexican Breakfast!

You don’t have time to eat flavorful healthy food? ¡Ay, caramba! Serves 1  (20g Protein, 27g Carbs, 7.5 Fat, 279 Calories) Ingredients: Mission Corn Tortillas 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites 2 tbsp Salsa 1 tbsp Feta (not pictured and optional) Directions: Heat up tortillas per instructions (I like to be quick…so I wrap them … More Mexican Breakfast!

Workout Videos on youtube

Head on over for my workout videos…today I did back and some abs… Here’s one of the vids for you…but the youtube channel will have explanation, etc. (the cover picture was me trying to show you guys my new shirt!  AVIA workout shirt from TJ Maxx… under $15!!!… LOVE!)  


Want a healthy topping for your burger, sandwich, even salad?  Try my dijon-NO-naise! Serves 1 Ingredients: 1 teaspoon Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt 1 teaspoon Spicy Brown Mustard (ok ok…so use DIJON mustard if you want to be the dijon nazi…I just didn’t have any and I liked the name I gave it lol) Cracked … More Dijon-NO-naise