Quick 80 seconds Steamed Broccoli- Kid Portioned ;)

So I had seasoned greenbeans for dinner and Kayla was just NOT having it!  She doesn’t like seasoning on her veggies.  I didn’t want to steam an entire head of broccoli or an entire frozen bag…so I did it the easy way!

I cut 2 florets off of the broccoli head and washed them.  Put them in a small bowl, added about 2 tablespoon of water and covered with a paper towel.  80 seconds in the microwave, drain the water and it’s done.

I make her eat her veggie before she gets her other yummy dinner.

I know…I know…it’s ONLY 2 florets…but to her defense, they were kind of big 😉 and HEY!  My kid eats plain steamed broccoli!  Little feats! 🙂

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