The 2 Minute Lunch

You are officially OUT OF EXCUSES!  2 MINUTES (serve to prep time)!!

This is my GO TO lunch when i’m rushing around in my crazy world!  2 minutes!  This is great for that “in office” lunch too.

Serves 1 (24g Protein, 44g Carbs, 5.5g Fats- 0.5g Saturated, 315 calories)


  • 1-  2.6 oz package of Albacore Tuna (you can use chicken or salmon as well…by the can if you wish, but then you have to drain it a lot)
  • 1 cup of Minute Ready to Eat Brown Rice
  • 2 tbsp Salsa


Microwave rice 1 minute per directions.

Open tuna package (may need to slightly drain as there will be a little bit of water), place in bowl.  Top with cooked rice and salsa.  You can microwave for an additional 30 seconds if you wish.


*Note*  You can use a larger package of tuna/chicken/salmon!  2.6 oz is not a lot…but that’s all I had in the pantry today.

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