What’s your response to failure?

The last time you failed, did you stop trying because you failed, or did you fail because you stopped trying? ~ John Maxwell

In pursuit of my dream to compete, it took me 7 years of trying on and off failing at the diet time and time again.  In 2003 I was almost there, 4 weeks out from stage and I got kidney stones. In 2004, I tried again and was diagnosed with cancer. At that point, I felt it wasn’t in my destiny. I would make a joke that the next time I tried, they might have to amputate my leg. Funny….but NOT funny because I truly felt I was letting my dream go. I gave up.

So what happened? In 2007, in the midst of one of the hardest things i’ve had to go through (my divorce, being a single parent, being at my heaviest weight and all it’s complications)…it clicked. God was telling me IT WAS TIME! MY TIME to take CONTROL of my life and STOP MAKING EXCUSES! 12 weeks later, I stepped on stage for the 1st time. A few weeks later…I did it again… and the story begins.

It was never my desire to pursue more than the amateur stage. It was a dream to just get there. But the achievement of that goal created a power of perseverance in me that has set my path for so many other things i’ve been blessed to achieve since then. Again, no major achievement was without its challenges…sometimes its failures too. If what you’re pursuing is truly a God given calling…He will give you the strength to accomplish it, no matter the circumstances you face in the process.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~ Phil 4:13

I discovered that as long as I failed forward…failing was not a bad thing. Each time I failed, I reflected, I learned from it.

Achievement is a process. It’s also a product of your mindset. If you’re going to give up because something doesn’t go smoothly, you are going to accomplish very little in your life. Life is not easy. Get use to it. Learn to harness your power of perseverance. Fail forward.

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