Stop Focusing on the 10%

The other day, I visited this beautiful park that surrounded a lake. I decided to finally take a 2 mile beautiful, peaceful jog around it. As I was jogging (and admittedly stopping to take pics along the way)…my eyes were fixated on this small section across the water. Powerlines. Highway buffer walls. Maintenance crews.


I tried to veer my camera away from the section, only taking pictures of the beautiful images. I tried to focus on the sound of the breeze, the leaves rustling in the soft wind, the light ripple of the water hitting the shoreline, focusing on breathing in the fresh air…but dang it. That section sure does RUIN my view, I thought!

WHAT? OK…so 10% of the park was not so perfect. There were very little trees, there were no pretty shrubbery, there was maintenance happening and these terrible walls, but did it really RUIN the beauty of the park? BUT…isn’t that how we view ourselves sometimes? We are so fixated on our maintenance section, or past, or something that we cannot remove, fix or emit from our lives. Are we supposed to assume the other 90% of our lives are not worth value and is beautiful to so many? That we are not greater than the 10% that we CANNOT change? And perhaps the 10% is what made us beautiful. Have you ever reflected to realize that without the 10% of struggle, circumstances, trials and tribulations that we wouldn’t be who we are today?

We have to stop focusing and dwelling on the 10% and we have to start focusing on the beauty of the greatness within us. Grow from your 10% and focus on what gifts and talents you have that you can use to help you live passionately, to serve someone, to fill your life with beauty.

So be done with your power lines and your unchangeable buffer walls.

Seek a new perspective on your beautiful life, take a step forward and don’t look back!

Here’s what my experience was when I looked at it with the right perspective.

Be blessed!



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