A stained past, does not mean a tarnished future.

….but….i’ve made too many mistakes. I’ve disappointed God far too many times for Him to use me. How could he use MY life for HIS glory?

Does this sound familiar? I’ve said it, thought it, felt it many times during my journey. But then…I had it. My “AHA” moment. Ever had an “AHA” moment? Like the moment you heard something or saw something and it made an everlasting impression on you? I’ve had a few, but let me tell you about one that changed the way I saw myself and my past mistakes and failures.

There was one very specific stronghold in my life that nearly froze me in my tracks when I was trying to live my life for God. Something I was so ashamed of…that at times, I almost couldn’t present myself to God in prayer because I felt so unworthy and I felt like a wretch. A WRETCH. The day I shared that in my sunday school class, a lovely godly woman I knew and had admired, came up to me after class. She instantly said she knew she had to share something with me about her own past. It was so specific to exactly what I was struggling with. How did she know? How did she know that was my exact struggle? Well… that’s the power of the Holy Spirit speaking through her. She felt it was something she had to share with me. I looked at her thinking…what? She was such a godly example for me and yet…she shared with me that in her past, she too struggled. She too had failures and made mistakes. But now, she is a beautiful example and witness of God’s awesome grace and mercy. I can’t even explain to you how this one short conversation changed the way I viewed myself. Like…was it possible? Was it possible for God to use me despite my mistakes and failures? The answer was YES!

Not only could He use me…but it’s by my story that He uses me. My past failures and mistakes make me who I am today. The journey that i’ve walked…good or bad…has made me the person I am today and is a great testimony to God’s glory as to what He can do through me. That’s why…it’s so incredibly important to me as a coach and speaker to be as authentic as I can be. I don’t stand before you a perfect person. I don’t stand here claiming to have all the answers nor always walking the perfect straight and narrow. But I do absolutely pray and desire God’s will for my life. Everyday, my walk grows with God and my heart’s desire aligns more with His.

And without opening an entirely new conversation…let’s not forget all the great biblical leaders that God used, who also experienced past mistakes and failures!!

Here’s what I desire for you. I pray that whatever you may be feeling or experiencing as a stain on your life…that you realize, that stain does not indicate a tarnished future. That once we accept that Christ died for our sins (past, present and future sins) that we…through the blood of Christ, stand spotless before God. Christ was the atonement for our sins. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world. ~ I John 2:2  We need to turn and repent from our sinful nature, but we don’t need to be a slave to our mistakes and failures. Seek forgiveness, pray for new direction and keep walking and growing with God. God has a beautiful plan for your life and He is going to use you if you are willing and ready to be used!

Are you ready?


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