Reflect 2015, Visualize 2016

In the last days of 2015…HAVE YOU TAKEN TIME TO REFLECT?
What did you accomplish? What did you overcome? How did you grow (mind, body, spirit)? What do you still have to achieve? What is your current attitude about that?
Now with that reflection… WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR 2016? It’s not enough to just say i’m going to live day by day. You have to be intentional about your growth. A good way to do that is either create a Vision Board or simply to jot down all your ideas and visions, big or small. I’ve done this for a couple of years in the same journal and at the end of the year or sometimes a couple years later, I do a summary of my year’s events/accomplishments. I can see many of my visions become or becoming a reality. Maybe not always in the way “I” thought it would happen, but it indeed would manifest in some way. It’s like SPEAKING LIFE INTO YOUR VISION. Write it down. Glue some pictures on cardboard. Stick pics on your fridge.
CLAIM IT!!!!!!

vision-board fitness-vision-board

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