SOBA Noodle Bowl

SOBA Noodle Bowl:  Recipe for 1 serving.

Japanese Soba Noodle (for my clients:  use YOUR portion per your plan)
Beef Stock (use as much as you like, more for soupy, less for thicker soup, you can add as you go along or use the Tapioca Flour to thicken)
1-2 cups of spinach
1/8 onion minced or finely diced
1/2 minced garlic
hot sauce (optional, use as much as you like).
salt, pepper
1 tbsp Tapioca Flour (optional but used as thickener)
Cooked Chicken- your plan portion (either add to soup or eat on the side)


Cook Soba noodles per instruction. Drain. Add back to pan and add beef stock.
Meanwhile, sauté spinach with drizzle of EVOO in separate pan, sauté with onion and garlic unless you have frozen cubed onion and garlic like I use. SUPER quick option…just melt into the sautéed spinach.
Add sautéed spinach to soba noodle pan.
Add hot sauce, salt and pepper.
Add 1 tbsp of Tapioca Flour if you want a thicker soup. Mix thoroughly.
You can add more beef stock if you want at any point.
After everything meshes together, pour soup over your chicken slices and boom…you have a Soba Noodle Bowl!


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