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3 thoughts on “FUN gallery

  1. You are so beautiful and inspiring. As a fellow Asian sister that doesn’t have a “typical” asian build (I have a big derriere:), you have inspired me to keep fit and eating healthy. I am also a mom and it’s so hard to make working out a priority! It’s a battle day to day to eat healthy, but like you said before, you have to find what works for you. Keep up the good work and thanks again for being such an inspiration to all of us moms!

    1. Thanks for reading and writing Tina! Girl…yes…I do know about having the bigger build. I always say I get that from my American side of the family :). It’s a good and bad thing sometimes. Thankful for my curves…but could do without the saddlebags and cellulite! lol. Just remember this…if you can’t workout right away…start by eating healthier. Find ways to workout at home…jump rope, plyometric jumps, aerobic DVDs, zumba (have some fun while breaking a sweat). Have your children join you 🙂 Remember…you have to improve your health so you can live a long life for your child/children!! Best of luck to you…remember…prayer is powerful in all things…including here!! God bless.

  2. Very inspiring story and just what I needed to read to give me the jump start towards a more healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much!

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