Firearms Instruction


Professional Bio

Sandra “Sharpa Shoota” Harrington

Trained and received professional recommendation from:

USMC retired SGT MAJ, Larry Harrington- Marine Infantry, Combat and Marksmanship Instructor

No Lie Blades and NLB Tactical- CEO, Hank Hayes

Competed in American Marksman, placing 2nd in Women’s Rimfire Rifle and 9th Overall in the Mid-Atlantic Region shooting strong hand weak hand disciplines, long range, barrier shots, shooting in the dark, etc.

Involved in Shooting Competitions, Tactical Training and Long Range Training for accuracy and speed.

Trained in .22 rimfire rifle, 9mm rifle, M4/.556, .223 Bolt Action Rifle

Semi-Automatic Pistols .22, .380, 9mm, 40 cal, 45 cal

In 2016, Sandra spent over 80 hours in classroom instruction, home study, firearms training, range practice and shooting competitions, shooting well over 5000 rounds through various firearms, using mostly iron sights only. Sandra taught herself to be an ambidextrous shooter after wrist surgery on her dominant hand and has found that to enhance her experience as a competitor and as an instructor.  She will begin competing in local USPSA matches in 2017 and continues to train and expand her tactical and defensive shooting experience.

Professional Recommendations found HERE.

Why she became in instructor…

I feared guns.  I never wanted one in my home.  Then society and the world seem to get extremely selfish and violent, and as a single mother, I wanted to protect my child, my life, my home.  I was fortunate to receive all my basic training from my now husband, a 25 year veteran and Sergeant Major of the United States Marine Corp.  A war dog no less.  To say I just learned the basics would be a grand understatement.  I MASTERED the basics and beyond.  It didn’t take long though, after a few sessions, I was not only hooked, but I knew it was a talent…dare I say a natural gift of mine.  

My husband bought me my 1st concealed carry pistol, so I did my due diligence.  I took an NRA Basic Pistol Course followed by a Concealed Carry Course where I also earned my Holster Qualification.  I am taking NOTHING away from the content of the NRA courses, HOWEVER, the commercial arena that held the class made a 6 hour class into a 4 hour class, where men and women were packed in like sardines.  I was fortunate to already know my way around a pistol and familiar with terminology.  Others were not so fortunate.  I heard more about the instructors military experience and politics than I cared too, while he should’ve spent more time elaborating on relevant content.  Then, within a couple of hours of looking at Power Point slides, we were all taken to the range to begin shooting.  The woman next to me asked me which direction the bullet went into the magazine.  I felt horrible for her.  She was so uncomfortable but obviously didn’t feel she could ask questions.  Some men were just as uncomfortable.  Granted, we were only shooting a .22 semi-automatic pistol, but even a .22 can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

I left feeling confident for myself, simply because I already knew what I was doing, but I also left feeling bitter.  How could they teach a course like that?  How could they hand someone a certificate when individuals left unprepared?  The course execution fell short, and just because you can hit somewhere on the target doesn’t mean you can shoot or you should shoot.  You need to shoot with intention and know how to hit the target where you INTEND to. 

This is the primary reason I became a private instructor.  I want to educate people properly on safety 1st, the fundamentals of shooting and then not only show them how to fire a pistol, but show them how to hit the target EXACTLY where they intend to.  You can’t protect if you can’t aim and shoot the target properly.


Ammo will cost approximately $15 or less for 100 rounds of .22

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