“Since i’ve started, my body is already adjusting because i’m hungry by the 2.5-3 hour mark every time.  Having everything cooked and packaged to go for the next day makes life easier.  I feel more motivated and stronger and less bloated that’s for sure…I thought the food adjustment would be harder but it’s really not…I just have to do it.”

“I can’t believe the scale is really dropping.  This is emotional!  Thank you Sandra. I really needed structure like this.  You gave me my hope back.”

~ Cassie Carrasquillo

“…things are soooo awesome. I lost 4 pounds the first week and 5 pounds the second week!!! …I do not feel hungry and I do not feel deprived which is huge…I feel wonderful… and I feel so different. I was taking 5-8 tums a day for heartburn and I have not had to do that at all. I feel less bloated and lighter… I cannot thank you enough, you are a total blessing to me.”

3 months later ~ “I am down 30 lbs…thank you tons for your gift.”

~ Kathleen


picsart_12-10-01-33-42_1481403402444“As you know, I started this process because I wanted to have more energy for my daughter. I was terrified that, as she gets older, she’d start to become embarrassed of me. I’m older than all her friends’ moms, and heavier on top of that. And so I started.

The carb cycling plan isn’t hard – it just takes prep and commitment. I find that I savor my food now, not because I’m hungry (half the time I can’t eat it all) but because I’m more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth. I started walking, and that became time for “me”. What a concept! Then, when just walking didn’t feel like enough anymore, you helped me get started with some basics. Now I’m taking Tae Kwon Do twice a week with my daughter, something I never thought I could do. Yes, I’m the oldest person in the class – but I’m doing it, and I love it.

Somewhere along the way this stopped being about my daughter and it became about me – and that’s okay. That’s actually great!. It’s become about how I feel when I challenge myself to do something I didn’t think I could do, and I do it. It’s about the strength I’ve discovered that allows me to tell that little voice that has always said “you’re not good enough” to just SHUT UP. It’s about the determination I am now modeling for my daughter, and the pride we both feel when I tell her “here’s what Mom did today!”

I can’t thank you enough for the role you’ve played in this as my coach – keeping me motivated, keeping me accountable – and most of all giving me options. Not just, “you can do this,” but also “…and here’s how!” I know I have a ways to go yet, but I’m happy with where I am and I’m confident that I’ll get where I want to be. It changes your whole attitude to find out that you have more in you than you let yourself believe – thanks for getting me on the path to realize that!!”

~ Jeanie Wilson – lost 26 lbs and 33 inches in 12 weeks and 50 lbs in 6 months total


picsart_11-16-01-31-55_1481046302849“It’s been almost two years since my sister had multiple strokes and heart attacks. In less than two months she was gone. I lost my best friend. She was only 57. It really hit home that I needed to do something about my own weight and health, but I just was not ready to commit at the time. Within 10 months I lost my mom to congestive heart failure. These were the women who were going to take care of my children if something happened to me. My fear was that I would not be around for my children. I needed to make decision to do something about my weight now.

Should I go back to the group program I had done before? Should I try some of the plans that my friends had done? About this time Sandra showed up on the FB feed of a mutual friend. I somehow accidentally clicked on the friend request and she accepted. I started to see her posts about her program. I read her website, and it looked promising. I began to notice similar programs offered here in CA. What really sold me on working with Sandra was seeing the type of person she is. She is such a genuine person who is caring and very invested in each one of her clients. I was not going to be just a face in the crowd, but an individual with a customized plan and individualized support. I contacted her, and even though we are on different coasts, she accepted me into her program. I was so excited!!

Starting the journey I wondered how I would ever be able to do this, but I put my trust in her and have never been disappointed. Sandra worked with my food choices to build a plan with sample menus from which I could choose. With my busy life, that was just the ticket. The five meals a day become habit and were so easy to do. In the beginning, as she learned how my body reacted to the changes, she made a few tweaks to the food plan. The weight began to fall off, and my motivation level increased. I added in a walking goal of 5k per day. The weight continued to fall off and I upped my goal to 10k a day. People began to notice that I was starting to lose weight and I was starting to feel good about myself again.

This is not a short term journey for me. Is everyday perfect? No, but I am working it every day with Sandra’s support. Any questions I have, Sandra is always available to answer them. She is teaching me how my body reacts with different foods and different combinations of foods. After 12 weeks, I have a physical as well as mental transformation. Twenty four pounds gone as well as 24 inches!! Down a size in tops and pants. A year ago I had BP of 143/93 with pulse at 97. Now I am at 114/83 and pulse of 67. Cholesterol has finally dropped below 200. BMI has dropped 6 pts. So many good things in my future as I continue with Sandra’s support.”

~ Sharon- Phase 1: 24 lbs and 24 inches lost.  TO BE CONTINUED…


“This is the lowest I’ve weighed since high school…thank you for everything!!!! I appreciate you so so so much.”

~ Martha after 35 lb weight loss 


“Sandra has been my personal trainer since February 2015. I have thoroughly enjoyed having her as my trainer. I’ve never used a personal trainer before but I knew I needed someone dedicated to help me in my journey. In 2014 I had 3 knee surgeries and as of 2015 was still dealing with many issues. I am unable to do stairs, a leg press, squats, etc. However, despite my limitations, Sandra has worked so well with me. I’ve lost over 20 pounds and regained a lot of my strength back in my leg. Anytime I was in a lot of pain, she was quick to revise our workout. Besides being accommodating, she is such a caring person! She truly wants you to succeed, but not push yourself to the point where you will hurt or damage something. My family has been able to tell that my body & leg are getting so much better; only with her help! Thank you Sandra!!”

~ Melody Chaney


“I feel really good eating “clean”…


“I’m falling in love with this! I’ve never done weights like I do now!!!”

“GOING GREAT!!!! I’m in love with my eating plan…!!! Girl…THANK YOU!!! I will trust you with this FOREVER!!

~ Holly ~ Phase 1- lost 15 lbs, 20 inches.  Phase 2 in process .


“My story’s a common one; I’d been discontent with my weight for years and had been stuck in an eternal loop of workout videos, wasted gym memberships, diet pills, detox teas, dodgy vitamin B12 shots, and a few half-hearted attempts at fad diets. None of it worked, I never followed through, and the disappointment fed the cycle over and over.

Last year I was prescribed blood pressure medication and that stirred something in me, I began to realize that I had to take control and really put my foot down. I stopped the pills in January and in February learned of Coach Sandra’s Transformation Plan.

Having someone provide me with such a wealth of information and support helped me stay accountable, as did the progress pictures!

I started CrossFit within a month of the plan and that combination took things to a new level. My body began transforming more rapidly before my eyes, but most importantly, my mentality and attitude transformed drastically.

I hit plateaus and slipped off the wagon during my 12 weeks, and that’s when I realized the change; I was able to jump back on and not kick myself or get [too] discouraged. It’s a process, and I know this now.

I’m no longer discontent with my weight, I’m now armed with the tools necessary to achieve more goals. I wanted to feel more comfortable in my skin, and I do. Also my blood pressure is the healthiest it’s ever been.

I will always be thankful to Sandra; for finding her when I did, for getting the support I did (and still do!), and for answering all my questions. Thank you! :)”

~ Medelin Nolasco


“I want to say thank you so much to Coach Sandra.

At my 2015 annual physical I was told I was pre-diabetic, my cholesterol was way too high, and my blood pressure was thru the roof. This was very concerning for me with a family history of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. I was told that I need to make better food choices, well the issue with this is that I never had to diet before. While serving in the military I would eat whatever I want and stay fairly in shape, so naturally I started going to the gym working out 6 times a week. I lost 3 pounds Monday thru Friday, and gained 6 on Saturday and Sunday. I got to the point where I was ready to give up and assumed with that my older brother was diagnosed when he was 29 that it was just a matter of time for me. I had actually given up hope until I meet Coach Sandra.

Though I was in Texas, and she was on the east coast, she was able to create a meal plan for me. 10 weeks after being on the meal plan and 25 pounds later, I had my annual physical with my doctor which I was dreading. I was super nervous, waiting on my lab results I felt like I was waiting on a jury to deliberate on my life sentence. When the doctor gave me my results I was overwhelmed with joy. There were no signs of me being pre-diabetic, my blood pressure was even lower than it was when I was on active duty in the military. Even my cholesterol levels were normal. I know a lot of people measure their results in inches and pounds, but the health benefits are by far the most beneficial results I’ve received.”

~ Jerry Reese Down 30 lbs and 33.5 inches

picsart_12-21-09-21-23“I started working with Sandra using her carb-cycling program to prep for my third show. And what a smooth prep it was! I got to choose from a large variety of foods for each of my meals, which made it easy to stick to the plan. I never felt hungry or like I was missing out. My overall health was better and energy was at an all time high! It was by far the less stressful prep, and I earned my highest placing to date having lost over 20 lbs! Sandra was always prompt to respond and answer questions! I was thrilled with my results physically and mentally, and would highly recommend her program!”

~ Steph Antonietti – lost 20 lbs

“I just want to say to everyone who is on your FB friends list that you are a wonderful inspiration. You helped me rehab my leg muscles to compensate for a grade 3 ACL tear and helped me gain the physical ability as well as the confidence to ski again. My first day back to skiing in Breckenridge, CO. was a success because of you. Sandra, thanks so much for your hard work and inspiration. With much love and appreciation.”

~ April Mano

“I tried this this morning and let me tell you I’ve tried many others and this one was the bomb! You have perfected the protein pancake…”

~ Bill Dailey

“I met Sandra through a local photographer and learned about her fitness training. She was super nice and in great shape and after reading her life story I jumped in and gave her a try. I am a local police officer and have had back and shoulder surgeries and lost a lot of strength along with getting high blood pressure. As soon as I started working with Sandra I started to gain muscle which is what I was looking for and my BP has dropped significantly not to mention I feel great. My three children also love her recipes and she has helped me to maintain a healthy household and lifestyle.”

~ Zach Frederick


My transformation Journey

“I started my weight loss journey April of 2015. I initially was 192 woah I know

but I managed to drop down to 175 on my own. Sadly that’s where I stayed until

August 2015 because I couldn’t get my nutrition right. So I was referred to

Sandra by my trainer and let me tell you that’s when it all really began. Don’t

get me wrong it wasn’t easy at all it was something I had to mentally prepare

myself for specially since I ate when I was emotional. Strict diet yes for me it

was because I had a wedding to get ready for. What I appreciated was Sandra’s

words of encouragement, she never judged me when I had my moments of “falling

off the plan”. But on Sandra’s plan I lost those stubborn pounds, her eating

plan helped me drop massive inches and almost 20lbs. I’m able to fit into

clothes I didn’t think would ever fit anymore I have more energy and strength

now when I train whether it’s training for my half marathons (which I started

doing) or weight training. After the first week the food became a routine it got

easier to do, getting started was the hardest part. It’s been 12 weeks but my

journey has not ended I wanted a lifestyle change and I learned to better

portion and learn the types of food that were good for me and my goals. This

journey hasn’t been easy as I’m sure many of you feel the same way but it does

get easier you just have to start! Take it from me who thought I’d never lose

the weight I was depressed and defeated and I was blessed enough to find amazing

people to uplift me from a dark place and guide me back to finding myself, my

inner strength and determination to finish what I started. I tear up as I say

this but I mean every word I couldn’t ask for a better coach she praises me for

doing all the work but I praise her for unknowingly giving me hope that I had

lost years ago because I allowed life to get me down and I made excuses until


Thank you Sandra I love you dearly! Our journey together isn’t over!”

~ Cassie 

“I was thinking , ya know what, I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I just want something quick. Well at 745 am I’m texting Sandra because I was seriously going to stop at chic fil a, she talked me off the ledge , so tonight if the same happens, I will be prepared. Thank you for being so awesome Sandra!!!”

~ Tricia 


“One year check up and my blood pressure was great. 117 over 78 today. 141 over 90 last year. Love this transformation diet! I also had plenty of energy going back to work after having 3 weeks off.”

“I’m not complaining but the pants I purchased in October were too tight to wear by Thanksgiving. I started the transformation diet right after Thanksgiving and today (5 weeks later) I noticed these pants look bad. They are HUGE on me. Thanks Sandra! Let me see what pants I have in my closet next size down that will fit.”

~ Diane Jones ~ lost 12 lbs, 23 inches in 1st 5 weeks on the plan

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