Brussels Sprouts

What is this little vegetable?  Looks like a baby cabbage.  Click this link to understand why you want to add this little fella to your menu! 11 Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts Here’s a quick and easy recipe to add it to your meals.  Use as a side dish or part of your main dish … More Brussels Sprouts

Spinach Turkey Burgers! Popeye would be proud!!

Yes.  Popeye would be proud.  This burger was PACKED with spinach! **Cole Slaw will be blogged under it’s own post** Ingredients made enough for 7 burgers 🙂  There was a sale on the turkey.  lol Ingredients: 2 lbs Lean Ground Turkey Breast approx. 7 cups Spinach (you could also use frozen…but fresh is soooo much … More Spinach Turkey Burgers! Popeye would be proud!!

Salmon Burgers!

Low carb, simple and quick!! Ingredients: 4 cans of pink salmon (boneless) 2 slices of Ezekial bread 4 eggs (use whites only) Picture only shows 3…I added another one during the process. 1/4 onion Directions: Finely dice your onion.  Place in bowl. Slice 2 slices of bread into small pieces.  You can use the food … More Salmon Burgers!

Salmon Tacos! Fresh, spicy, creamy…delish!

These are one of my favorites!  Today I tried the greek yogurt topping for the 1st time…and wow!  I’m in love!  You can make this with any type of fish…salmon, tuna, cod, halibut, tilapia…whatever you wish. Ingredients (serving for 1 person): 4 oz Salmon filet (1 is sufficient for 2-3 tacos.  I made extra for another … More Salmon Tacos! Fresh, spicy, creamy…delish!